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Airfare:  Current Airfare Rates when booking through BVI Office

  1. Cape Air $175.60 return
  2. Seaborne $235.00 return

download (1)Free ground transfers toappointments and pick up and drop off at the hospital.

Discount shopping vouchers are available for local malls.  Ask for them!

Special rates are available at hotels if you have to stay over. Daily rates starting from $60.

Hotel Rates:

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Imaging Services Rates

  • ICONO2_dwMRI                     $650
  • CT Scan              $260
  • Sonograms          $100
  • Doppler Studies   $125
  • Duplex Studies     $160

Prices include with and without contrast and with interpretation.

Endoscopy Tests

Dra Suzette Rivera MacMurray

  • Gastroscopy           $450
  • Colonoscopy          $500-700

Metro Pavia

For a full list of Physician Specialists Available on the Network: click here>>>

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If you are scheduling an imaging test please mention the type of test in the message.

You can chose from the range of Medical Specialists and Specialty Services Here⇓


  1. Blood Bank

  2. Hyperbaric Chamber

  3. Cardiovascular

  4. Asthma Center

  5. Wound Care Center

  6. Imaging Center –CT Scan, MRI, Sonogram, Radiology, Bone Densitometry

  7. Surgery

  8. Women's Clinic

  9. Chest Pain

  10. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

  11. Endoscopy

  12. Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

  13. Cardiovascular Laboratory

  14. Clinical Laboratories

  15. Digital Mammogram

  16. Maternity – Room In, Delivery Room

  17. Behavioral Medicine

  18. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  19. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

  20. Interventional Radiology

  21. Adult Emergency Room

  22. Pediatric Emergency Room

  23. Operating Room

  24. Stabilizing Room

  25. Mental Health

  26. Outpatient Mental Health

  27. Geriatric Mental Health

  28. Home Care Service

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